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The versatile know-how of our company's founder, Werner Lange, is based on over 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering at Voith and in process optimization for stock preparation in the paper industry.


Paper Industry stock preparation

With our specially developed GREENLINE ROTORS you save TIME, MONEY and ENERGY

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The company W.Lange GmbH has developed their own energy-saving rotors with the name GREENLINE (GL). Our optimized designs save you energy. In addition, higher service lives are achieved and therefore less maintenance is due, which in the end does save you money. Under the heading Foil and Fin rotors you can get more information about the advantages of the respective rotor types. Our GREENLINE ROTORS are also marked by the shortcut GL

In order to save costs in stock preparation, it must be ensured that wearing parts maintain their original geometry.

Deviations in design lead to increased fiber loss, thus reducing the production volume. In order to reduce energy costs and increase the lifetime of your stock preparation machines, you should maintain the original geometry of your rotors and repair them at regular intervals. If refurbishing no longer is possible, or you require a replacement rotor, we will be glad to offer you a new rotor. You too can profit from the advantages offered by our internally developed Greenline series.

In addition to our internally developed GREENLINE ROTOR series, which we supply as a new part, we also offer a refurbishing service for all rotors available on the market.

By your request, we can modernize your current rotor and convert it to our GREENLINE Design so that you too can benefit from the advantages this offers.

If you would like to have an offer for a rotor, please send us the following datas:

  • Name
  • outside diameter
  • Inside diameter
  • number of wings
  • drawing/sketch (if abailable)
  • to refurbish a rotor send a current picture of the wear condition
  • further informations which are important to you

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Refurbishment or new part

Would you like to have your screen baskets or rotors professionally refurbished or do you need a high-grade new part? Either way, we can take care of your needs.

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